A Note regarding our COVID Procedures


We wanted to let you know our plans for gathering. Starting on Sunday, July 5, we will finally gather together for church again at 901 Commerce Road, Annapolis 21401.

Now, to love our neighbors, families, and one another well, we are going to abide by the county guidelines for gathering. This will include:
1. Answering a few questions about how you're feeling at the door
2. Getting your temperature quickly taken
3. Sanitizing your hands with sanitizer; We will provide this for you
4. Wearing a mask while in the building; We will have extra masks in case you forget yours
5. Keeping social distancing as best as possible and (trying) to abstain from hugging and shaking hands

Besides this, there will be some differences in our service. These will include:
1. Individuals or family units sitting together, six feet apart from other individuals or family units.
2. There will be no child care for at least the first few weeks; We will supply all kids with coloring pages, crayons and crafts
3. All will wear masks with exception to the preacher and the worship minister
4. We will be holding a shorter than usual service while these restrictions are in place
5. We have pre-assembled wafer and juice cups for the Lord's Supper

You can rest assured that we will be disinfecting all surfaces before and after the service. We are excited for this new chapter for us as a church family! We will see you Sunday, July 5 at 10am.

Pastors Joey, Aaron and Taylor

Connect With Us


Joining a church is not like joining a club. To become a member of a church is to commit to its confession, its practices and its people. Although we tend to avoid commitment in our culture, it is only through commitment that we grow. Therefore, becoming a member means you are committing to both being discipled and making disciples at Citizens Church. If you desire to mature your faith, then membership is for you. Here’s how to become a member:

  • First, attend all the membership preview classes. Here you will learn our doctrine and our practices, as well as our stances on cultural issues facing the church. Classes are held at 9am on the second, third and fourth Sundays of the month.

  • Second, once you have attended all the membership preview classes, you will sit down with a pastor for your membership interview.

  • Third, at the recommendation of the pastors, you will be voted into membership at the monthly member’s meeting.

Small Groups


We were not created to live in isolation; we need one another. Community is essential to the Christian life. The primary way Citizens Church promotes community is through Small Groups. This is where you will develop your deepest friendship and weekly encouragement.


If you want to grow in affection, holiness and knowledge as a believer, committing to Small Groups is essential. It is where you will be discipled and where you will disciple others. It is impossible to carry out our commitment to one another as members apart from living life together.

What To Expect

Here’s the format of Small Groups. Small Groups meet Wednesday and Thursday nights. We share a meal and then study the Bible. After the study, we split up to pray for one another and directly encourage one another.